Job Seeking 101: Interview

NOW unto the last and final part of the job seeking process: interview.

If you have passed the application process through the hiring manager and the examination (if there’s any) then you are now moving to the “main event” of your job application.

Your interview may be done either one-on-one or panel and as per experience, the latter is the scariest (obviously).

So to cap-off this job-seeking series, here are five handy tips you might consider for your next job interview. 

Food Notes: Classio Mobile Wood-Fired Oven Pizza

I have been scrolling their Facebook Page drooling over their photos for the longest time but it was only recently, when I reunited with my fellow pizza lover Ate Ferina that I got to really go there and try.

Job seeking 101: common application mistakes

DURING job application, most job seekers focus on the interview as the primary way of stepping ahead in getting the job. Some forget to see that application is the primary tool wherein we can showcase ourselves and make a good impression prior to meeting them face to face. It is during these times that we want to put our best foot forward.
Especially for fresh graduates and first time job-seekers here are some common job application mistakes which “turns-off” your potential employer. 

Five moments your mom was like Jessica Huang

If you are not familiar with the Huangs yet, they are the Chinese family main characters of the comedy series: Fresh Off the Boat. It is a story of an extended typical Chinese Asian family who moved from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida for a greener pasture for their family. The show was set in 1995 which brings back so much memories from the 90’s (90’s kid represent!).

The Huangs are mainly composed of the Dad: Louis, Mom: Jessica and their sons: Eddie, Emery, Evan but since they are and extended family which most of us Asians are their grandma is also living with them. 

Since it is still the month of May and with me loving the series (obviously), as a tribute to our beloved supermoms here are five moments in the series where Eddie, Emery and Evan’s mom: Jessica Huang played by Constance Wu was just like your own beloved mom.

Sweet as Sugar!


3 ways to exfoliate with brown sugar

THERE a lot of benefits in exfoliating our skin such as removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and reviving dull skin.

Brown sugar or sugar on its own is a natural exfoliant that we can use that is suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones (me included). Sugar is also said to be a natural source of glycolic acid which is helpful in maintaining a healthy and moisturized skin.

Other than being natural, brown sugar together with other products/ingredients that I will be featuring here are readily available in your kitchen and bathroom which means zero spending!
Just mix brown sugar with these ingredients/products for your own ready to use DIY exfoliating scrubs.