Taiwan’s Gem: Taipei 101

TAIPEI 101 is Taiwan’s iconic and most visited tourist attraction. Rising to 509 meters, it was hailed as the tallest building in the world from 2004-2010 which makes it one of the country’s gem. 

Exploring the Old Streets of Taipei

OLD STREETS are one of Taiwan’s famous tourist attractions as they are famous for showcasing thecountry’s rich history and culinary delights.

Present in almost every town in Taiwan, we also did not miss our chance to visit two of their famous old streets in Taipei: Shifen and Pingxi.

Meteor Garden Fever: Fangirling in Taiwan

MEMORIES of elementary days on one of my favorite TV series were relived back in November as we visited Taiwan. I remembered me and my friends having major crushes on F4’s Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan), Hua Ze Lei (Vic Zhou), Mei Zuo (Vanness Wu) and Xi Men (Ken Chu); idolizing how Shancai (Barbie Shu) fought back when she got the “red tag”; and just the pure excitement of going home from school just to watch my favorite TV series that time – Meteor Garden.

A fresh start to loving yourself this 2018

SELF LOVE may sound negative as it is directly related to being selfish but that’s not the case here, instead, for this New Year other than spending time taking care of other things than you. I encourage you to include a time to take a step back and take care of yourself too.

Awesome Paws at Pawsome Dog Café

HELLO September!

Backing track a little bit to last month's adventures, my family and I decided to checkout Pawsome Dog Café one weekend. As a family, we seldom go to café’s but we made an exception to this because dogs and puppies are love.

KK Adventures: Touring around the city + travel budget (Part 4 of 4)

SPENDING a few days travelling the mountains, the sea and nearby places, it’s now time to explore the beautiful landmarks and visit the picturesque buildings at Kota Kinabalu’s city center.