What's in my bag? (Weekend Edition)

THIS is definitely one of my most read/watched posts on the internet because I am really curious about seeing what kind of stuff people carry inside their bags.
Since I have already shared with you some of my bag caring and organizing tips in an earlier post maybe it’s now time to also share with you everything that I have in my bag…on a weekend!

First, let’s talk about my bag which I know that most of you are familiar with: it is a black Longchamp Le Pliage Neo in size small which I got from TheBagmasterPh. I often use this bag during the weekends and I have to tell you that it may be small but it can sure fit a ton of stuff inside.

So here’s a rundown of what’s inside:
1. Mini umbrella - ugly but still trusty (rain or shine)
2. Cute monster coin purse – I also keep my house keys in here so I won’t lose ‘em. Got this from the SM Dept. Store if you’re wondering. J
3. 2017 Mini Starbucks Planner  - I use this as my blog planner and this was given as a birthday gift from one of my girls. (Thanks, Ms. Marshmallow girl! Haha)
4. Mini notebook – for jotting to-do lists and important schedules if I don’t have my main planner with me.
5. Android phone – I use two cellular networks one for work and family.
6. iPhone SE – my main phone as of the moment. I also use this to take photos and videos!
7. Wallet – I got these from the kids' section of SM Dept. Store for a very cheap price! Love this wallet because it has a pull-out card/ID compartment which is pretty handy.
8. Stuff pouch – I keep my pocket wifi, earphones, and a pen inside.
9. Alcohol spray – to spritz the germs away!
10. Flashlight/stun gun – better be safe!
11. Lady essentials pouch – this is really a travel pouch which I used as a bag organizer as it is small enough to fit in most of my bags. 

It has four compartments:
1. Tissue, pads, retractable hair brush with mirror, lipstick and a mini perfume.
2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
3. Hair tie; Fisherman’s Friend lozenges (this really saves my life whenever I have itchy throat. Buy the extra strong one! It’s the best); a tiny purse (which was an old jewelry container with meds for headache, tummy ache, allergy, hyperacidity and white flower oil hahaha you gotta be ready you know!)
4. Mints, toothpicks (Is it just me?!), and a plastic bag which I use it when I need to put my umbrella inside my bag and it’s soaking wet nothing to fancy.

Other than that I found some old receipts and a movie ticket inside my bag. Lol

I also made a video of this on my channel:

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