Easy, breezy, nail art. :)

Want to design your nails the easy way? Bubz here knows how to do the trick! :) 

I have three easy nail tutorial videos for you from Bubz, another beauty guru that I love from youtube. :) Like her page here to watch more nail tutorials! :))

first video: Bumble bee nails 
second video: Apple nails
third video: Panda nails 
soooooo cute! Enjoy! :)

Baking Soda is not only for making bread.

Yes. Baking soda that thing which made your "volcano" science experiment overflow, that one used for your bread, it can also be used as a beauty treatment. :) And it's CHEAP too. 

So for you I have read and gone through this pages which featured a lot of things you can do with this kitchen wonder. :)) 

Just click the title in order to read the articles. 

Seven Surprising uses for Baking Soda

10 Things you can do with baking soda

Egg Mask Facial

Happy Easter everyone! :) Are you all done with your egg hunting activity? :)
Let us not forget Him who is the main reason for this day/week. :) 

So for my first B & F post, I am sharing to you all about eggs as facial mask! haha I learned this from Michelle Phan's youtube page, I've tried this a lot of times already and I always end up happy on the results. :))

So here's the video:


Wanna watch more of Michelle Phan's videos? click here 

Cheap cute colored mini baskets!

Hello world!

A new post after a looooong time. haha

Okay, I went with my mom last week to buy some utensils for our new "food business" :) and then I saw some cute mini baskets which has my favorite colors (pink and green) so I bought them for only 15 php each! yeah! that's a great deal, for me. :D

here's the picture of the mini baskets:

You can use this as a pencil holder or place any other things you want as long as it fits. :))