K Recipes: Champorado

My big cup that I use as a bowl as well. hahaha
Here's another quick and easy K Recipe for you! Champorado! 

K Recipes: The ultimate breakfast toast


Who doesn't love breakfast? I mean even though I am not a certified morning person, I love breakfast! I can actually eat it all day (know what I mean? haha)! Of course, toasted bread will always be on the list of approved morning meals (except if your mom is around and requires your to eat rice. ugh) . 

So for my first ever K Recipes blog segment I am going to share to you the great level up to your everyday breakfast toast. Yeah! :))

Quick Three : Simple Random Tips For Everyday


From the title y'all know what this post will be all about (right? hehe). So I'm sharing three random tips which can help you everyday. :) I will try my best to make this a weekly thing (crossing my fingers here) and focus on particular topics like fashion, cooking and all that good stuff. 

For this particular "Quick Three" post I will be focusing on beauty and health tips. :) 

Let the post begin! (hahaha okay I'm weird)

The Plain T-shirt Challenge

One shirt. Different styles.

Bored with wearing your old and plain shirts? Here’s a post to give you ideas on how you can style your plain old t-shirt.

The Wonders of Infused Waters

While cleaning my bedroom I saw this random sheet of paper which had some infused water “recipes” and I thought “Hey! Maybe I can share this on my blog” so here I am sharing this to you (haha). Apparently, I forgot to write where these recipes came from but I’m sure I read this on Facebook (Sorry source I can’t credit you :( ).

Anyway, I really wanna share this with you though because it’s really amazing what this infused waters can do to our health. I am also currently into making these infused waters but I wasn’t really able to make everything in this list because some fruits and herbs are not available here in the Phils. (still looking around for ‘em hehe).

My infused water! I used my favorite iced tea bottle it's so cute!

The Reason Why...

Hellooooo everyooone! Yes yes I know I've been away for so sooo sooo long and I'm very very sorry for that. :( Please forgive me. 

Pink heart from me to you.