The Reason Why...

Hellooooo everyooone! Yes yes I know I've been away for so sooo sooo long and I'm very very sorry for that. :( Please forgive me. 

Pink heart from me to you.

Okay so here's my explanation:

For the months on February and March I was very busy with college and since I was on my senior year things got rough but gladly I had survived it and graduated. (yey!)

So for April and May...hmmm I literally hibernated (hahaha), you know slept for more than 8 hours everyday and spent the rest of the day eating and day dreaming. I also went through a little post graduation struggle of asking myself what to do next and where to go blah blah...hehe

And so right now with the help of our Internet connection (Internet connection can be VERY slow here in the Phils which adds to my laziness in blogging) I decided to go back here and fulfill my New Year's resolution. ^-^

I'm currently unemployed and still searching for my very first job as a college graduate (crossing my fingers) but I know that it will come in God's perfect time. So right now expect that I will be posting a lot from now on and I hope our Internet connection would cooperate. 

While waiting for my next blog post you can check out my Tumblr here. You can see my IG posts and I am always active in reblogging stuff which interests me. (Note: girly, cute, food and there's plenty of daydreaming going on my Tumblr. haha)

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon! 


Cheers to my graduation piggy face!! haha XD


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