Outfits of the week (January 8-12, 2014)

Heyyy guys! This is my new blog "series" called #OOTW or outfits of the week, I know that most of you are familiar of what this is all about.

So our school doesn't require any uniform so we are free to wear whatever we want but some teachers/colleges like our college (College of Mass Communication) have their dress code (e.g. no wearing of short shorts and sleeveless tops).

I can't promise to do this every week (because I may be busy or just lazy hehehe) but we'll see. BTW, I forgot to take a picture on Monday and Tuesday and our classes starts on a Tuesday and ends on Friday (I'm in my senior year so longer weekends helps us survive. hahaha) 


For Wednesday, the weather was kinda bipolar so I wore this cute 3/4 sleeves top with the cute dino design and paired it with my black leggings. It's much safer this way, if it's cold the top would keep me warm and the material is not that thick so I can handle the heat if the sun comes back again. hahaha 

For shoes, I wore my black and silver "girly" sneakers. :)


So for Thursday's outfit, I wore my plain colored shirt (so comfy!),my denim jacket and my dark blue pants. I was starting to feel lazy already because it was raining and it's cold but I still want to be safe in case the weather goes bipolar again and I was right! T'was hot in certain parts of the day, so I would just tie my jacket around my waist whenever I don't feel like wearing it. I also wore a long necklace because my top was too plain and I wanted spice it up a bit. (whut? hahahah) 

For shoes, I wore my green and white striped Keds. :) 


So for Friday (Yay! TGIF!), it's official...sweater weather!!! :3 So just a little FYI I think the month of January is the coldest month here in the place where I go to school or I think even in my hometown. hmm. Oh well let's just continue (hehe) so I wore my favorite sweater/pullover which has a pig on it haha (oink! oink!) I also love the stars detailing on the right sleeve and of course it's cold (no shorts for me! hehe) so I paired it with my dark blue pants. 

For shoes, I wore my jelly oxfords which is so perfect for the rainy weather. :3


Yay for the weekend! :) Didn't have class today but I woke up early to meet my classmate for our econ assignment. :) I wore a plain black kinda long sleeve top my denim jacket (cold weather weee :3 ) and a pair of below the knee pants. :)

For shoes, I wore my purple Crocs flats. :) 


This was supposed to be a "dressy Sunday" but I had fever and it was raining hard so I wasn't able to go to church :( (my church buddy also had fever and woke up late :( ) slept whole morning instead. But during the afternoon I felt better and I was hungry so I went out wearing the same top (my white pullover) but paired it with my high-waist above the knee shorts (wasn't able to take a picture because I wasn't in the mood already because of my fever). For shoes, I wore my tan oxfords that I got from an online shop in IG. :)  

So that's all of my outfits for the week (January 8-12, 2014)!
'Til next time. :) 

-Kriztja :) 


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