Day-off Diaries: Roseville Christmas Mansion

BACK in college, visiting a Christmas House during on November/December has been a part of our ritual but after graduation and moving here in Davao City I really haven’t heard of any Christmas Houses nearby so it’s something that I miss. So when I heard and saw pictures of the recently opened Christmas Mansion in the city I was stoked and asked my friends if we can go check it out.

We went to the Roseville Christmas Mansion on a Saturday evening since the mansion is open to the public from 5pm-10pm. My friend and I were glad that we went there at around six since the place gets packed and the road gets pretty congested.

Christmas gift ideas: Marks & Spencer food hampers

IT’S that time of the year again where we prepare our list of who’s naughty or nice and shop, shop, shop for gifts.

Choosing what to give can really be challenging especially when you’re sending gifts in bulk.  So if you’re currently still out of ideas on what to give why not opt for food hampers instead? You can never go wrong with going for the noms. (*winks)

This holiday season Marks & Spencer offers a selection of Christmas hampers which include picnic indulgences, chocolates, wines and other goodies that your colleagues, friends and family will surely love.

Food Notes: Ice Cream and Cookie Cafe

INJECTIONS freak me out but there’ s a different hype about it in social media lately wherein it is used not to inject medicine but yummy syrups to ice cream and I’m all about it.

Bonding with my Sun.Star fambam on Thursday evening wouldn’t be complete without dessert which led us to go and try Ice Cream and Cookie Café’s injected ice cream.

Food Notes: The Griddle (Burgers + Sandwiches)

FOOD is and will always be a huge part of our bonding moments with my SunStar FamBam and so we decided to meet on a Thursday evening.

“Where to eat?” – After a short 'deliberation' we decided to eat at The Griddle so here’s how it went.

Wonders of Micellar Water

THERE is this special kind of beauty water that a lot of beauty gurus have been raving about: micellar water. 

I’ve been seeing this all over Youtube and just recently one of UK’s top skincare brands known for their micellar water products has recently been launched here in the country: Simple Skincare which prompted me to do a little research on what this beauty water can do.

Food Notes: Kaizu Japanese Restaurant

MOM and I were feeling adventurous one weekend and decided to try out this new Japanese restaurant at Veranza Mall.

It was already past lunch time on a Saturday when we went to Kaizu for lunch. Note that we were already on an almost “hangry” state during that time.