Wonders of Micellar Water

THERE is this special kind of beauty water that a lot of beauty gurus have been raving about: micellar water. 

I’ve been seeing this all over Youtube and just recently one of UK’s top skincare brands known for their micellar water products has recently been launched here in the country: Simple Skincare which prompted me to do a little research on what this beauty water can do.

Beauty back in history

According to, micellar water has been around for centuries and originated back in France. This was made to substitute their “harsh water supply.” 

Micellar water is made of micelles or tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. This formula is said to draw out the “gunk” without drying the skin.

 Lazy girl’s best friend

Micellar water is not your average makeup remover as it is also used as a replacement for the traditional soap and water face washing. Perfect for lazy days! It is also said to replace a huge portion of one’s skincare the more you use it. 

On top of that, micellar water is perfect for all skin types especially the sensitive ones (like me)!

Other than Simple Skincare, Loreal and Maybelline brands also sell micellar water products available in the PH market.

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*As Published in Sun.Star Davao on November 16, 2016*

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