Food Notes: Ice Cream and Cookie Cafe

INJECTIONS freak me out but there’ s a different hype about it in social media lately wherein it is used not to inject medicine but yummy syrups to ice cream and I’m all about it.

Bonding with my Sun.Star fambam on Thursday evening wouldn’t be complete without dessert which led us to go and try Ice Cream and Cookie Café’s injected ice cream.

Their Ice Cream Sandwich sample with the different syringes to choose from. 

So many choices!!!
Lotsa flavors and yumminess

From vanilla to red velvet, this café will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and ice cream craving. They also have a less fat and sugar flavor selections, a wide array of cookie flavors to choose from and of course, sprinkles!

Other than the sweet treats, they also sell matcha drinks and cold pressed coffee. Scrolling down their Facebook page they are now also slowly introducing savory meals which would be a perfect complement for their ice creams.

Injected Treats!

Close-up look.

Matcha cheescake ball. 
Injected sweetness

For their ice cream, they you can choose to have it as cookie ala mode style, ice cream cookie sandwich or scooped in a Belgian cone.

Kuya RJ, Ate Ara and I got the ice cream cookie sandwich at P85 each. We then paid P10 for their syrup filled syringes that comes in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry and matcha. Kuya RA and Ma’am Donna on the other hand got the matcha drinks.

Matcha drink.

We all loved our ice cream cookie sandwiches though we took our time figuring out how to eat all of it (lol). Their ice cream tastes good but it’s just too sweet for my own preference but still, ice cream craving satisfied.

For the drinks, they also loved it! Fun fact: we found out that they steep their own matcha drinks. Nice!

The Vibe

Ice Cream and Cookie Café which opened last September is located at Mabini St. corner Araullo St. (fronting StockBridge/Tumble Tots) here in Davao.

The place is not that big but its high ceilinged which makes up for it. Even though it was packed as people come in and out when we ate there we have still still managed staying there for a while.

People managing the café were also very friendly which is always a plus.

The Verdict

Ice Cream and Cookie Café’s injected sweet treats is really a unique spin in the typical ice cream that we have but I will definitely be choosing the less sugar flavors next time. Yes, I will definitely come back soon! 

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