Food Notes: The Griddle (Burgers + Sandwiches)

FOOD is and will always be a huge part of our bonding moments with my SunStar FamBam and so we decided to meet on a Thursday evening.

“Where to eat?” – After a short 'deliberation' we decided to eat at The Griddle so here’s how it went.

Yummy sandwiches!
Burgers + Sandwiches

The Griddle physical store opened on June this year but they have already been joining food expos before that already. Other than pizza (aka my bae), I am also in for burgers and sandwiches which is on The Griddle’s menu. They have a selection of different burgers, sandwiches and side dishes which include chicken wings, potato balls, and fries.

They also have milkshake in their menu but we didn’t order that since we were saving some room in our tummies for dessert. (*wink)

Cheesy goodness. Isn't this beautiful?
Griddle goodness

I went there together with Mam Donna, Ate Ara and Kuya R.A., and we ordered beef with mozzarella, cheesy mushroom and two homemade bacon with mozzarella.

Our orders arrived after a few minutes of catching up and boy, do they look so delish! Melting cheese, perfectly toasted sandwich, their sauce. Yummers!

I loved the homemade bacon in my sandwich, it was really the bomb and also Ma’am Donna who ordered the same. Ate Ara was pleased with her sandwich too and Kuya R.A. who ordered the cheesy mushroom and opted to have it without the cheese (health conscious hehe) found his sandwich delicious still!

The Vibe

It was the perfect time when we went to the resto since it was only us who were eating, I believe the place gets packed especially on weekends.

The interiors of The Griddle is pretty chill with high ceiling which I love. The staff are also very friendly so thumbs up for that!

The Verdict

With their burgers and sandwiches (including the sides) prices ranges from P90-P190 and I think that’s beautiful. Seriously, the price for their sandwiches are pretty worth it.

The Griddle at night.
The Griddle is located at Sunflower Hotel, Tionko Avenue (near Davao City National High School) and serving from Tuesdays to Sundays at 11:30 am – 9 pm.

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