2016 Round-up

THIS year has been full of surprises - both positive and negative. It has been a mixture of joy and sorrow. And most of all, it has been a year for growth and healing.

My 2016 started out like it was going to be a normal year for me and just when I thought of that, the year kicked me in the shin and said: “Just wait and see.”

To start, let me first talk about the top months of my year:

2017 Planning Tips

WE are now down to the last few days of 2016. Where did this year go?! I can’t believe that it’s almost 2017 already!

I am always ecstatic with the coming of the New Year and it gets me into the mood for planning and setting goals for my year. This 2017 is my second year of using a planner (religiously) because I often get lazy during the middle of the year and just leave it unfilled but I have improved now. And because I am currently starting to fill up my new planner for next year, I thought why not share some easy planning ideas with you.

Food Notes: Gypsy Café

WE were on a hunt for a place to eat, chill and do some work one weekend and so we headed up north of Davao City to try out this unique travel-themed café.

Jeep ride took for a couple of minutes (ugh traffic is real people!), it was already past lunch time and we have finally arrived in Cabantian where the café was located.

Holiday Rush: Last minute Christmas shopping plan

FOUR days ‘til Christmas! Are your Christmas presents ready?

Congratulations to those who are now on a chill mode wrapping presents and to you, my friends, who are currently on a panicky mode between completing school/office work and Christmas shopping, fret not because I got you covered with some tips and last minute gift ideas to help you survive the remaining days.

Affordable ‘kawaii’ gift ideas

HELLO DECEMBER! After the food gift ideas, I’m now going to share about kawaii (cute) and affordable gift ideas which are not only wallet friendly but a perfect Christmas present to your manito or manita.

I am a certified hoarder of cute stuff especially stationery/office supply ones. So if you are into that here are some kawaii gifts I found so far (squee!).