Affordable ‘kawaii’ gift ideas

HELLO DECEMBER! After the food gift ideas, I’m now going to share about kawaii (cute) and affordable gift ideas which are not only wallet friendly but a perfect Christmas present to your manito or manita.

I am a certified hoarder of cute stuff especially stationery/office supply ones. So if you are into that here are some kawaii gifts I found so far (squee!).

Fountain pen and gel colored pens

This will come in handy to your manito/manita for school, office or if he/she just loves doodling/journaling. These pens also come in cute designs and only costs from P69.75-P129.75 per set. Kawaii, affordable and useful present indeed!


Mini selfie stick

Make your manito/manitas selfie moments easier with these handy-dandy selfie sticks! Price ranges from P79-P150 and comes with super adorable designs such as this baymax one!

Sooooo kawaii!!!!
Stress ball/keychain

Send a mood booster for your manito/manita this Christmas with this super cute squeezable bag chain/keychain that you can buy at P99.75. It comes in a piglet and panda design and is 100% kawaii!

Coin purse

A perfect mini purse for your manito/manita to put in loose coins, cords and other abubots that is kawaii and durable as well because it’s made with a silicone material. Not to mention only costs about P119.75!


Of course, to pair with the pens I mentioned earlier you might want to include a journal/notebook as well for your manito/manita to doodle or write their thoughts in for the New Year. Price ranges from P140 – P160.

If you’re interested, I usually buy kawaii stuff from Shopee (online store), SM Department Store’s stationery section and the National Bookstore. Tip: try looking at the bottom shelves (you’re welcome).

Hope you loved these kawaii gift ideas. Gifts don’t need to be expensive for them to be useful to your manitos/manitas. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts. 

*Published in SunStar Davao on December 7, 2016*

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