Before 2015 ends: freeing spaces

Just a few hours and it’s almost 2016! Wow! This year had passed by so quickly (where did it go? Haha). 

Right now while waiting for that New Year’s Eve dinner ahead, you may have some extra time to spare. In this post I have prepared a few de-cluttering ideas of what you can do to free up some of your personal space to bring in the fresh New Year air.

What's in my travel bag? (plus packing tips!)


Hey peeps! :))

So I recently went to a 3-day seminar for work  and I thought since we are just a few days away from April which just screams SUMMER, I decided to do a blog post about the things that I bring when I travel and I also included some tips for ya!

Whether your vacay is short or long, I hope you'll find these helpful. :)

Keep readin'!

New Year DIYs

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! 

So I was about to post this earlier but I got bummed out by my internet connection when it comes to uploading the photos (Boo!!)

But it's better late than never so here are 3 easy DIYs that you can create from your old craft materials, magazines, colored papers, jars and bottles which you can use for this new year! :3