New Year DIYs

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! 

So I was about to post this earlier but I got bummed out by my internet connection when it comes to uploading the photos (Boo!!)

But it's better late than never so here are 3 easy DIYs that you can create from your old craft materials, magazines, colored papers, jars and bottles which you can use for this new year! :3 

The "culprit" as to why I am doing this DIY...They're so colorful I don't wanna throw them away. haha XD #weirdo

 1. 2015 memory/quotes of the day jar.

Don't you just love it when you read something and it flashbacks memories both good and bad? This DIY is just simple and easy... Just grab some old colored papers and a jar, do some little designs on the jar, label it and fill it up every single day of 2015 (Sorry about being almost 4 days late on this DIY, I'm sure you can still remember the highlights of those four days so you can add that too!) 

This is my first time doing this and I'm kind of excited about reading when the year ends. :)

My nickname is Kehm, if you're wondering. hehe

 2. Planner/Journal

Another pretty self-explanatory DIY. haha :3 I made this one last year from my old binder notebook and some old magazines that I have to get rid of (I hate to let go of those magazines but I need to :'( ).

Errday haha
Besides finding use with your old magazines, creating your own planner/journal gives it a more personal touch, like what I did here..

I made my own personal divisions of the notebook base on what I usually list the most. 

I also added some quotes from the magazine to give it a more "me" feel. 

3. Water Bottle/Vase

Okay, this one is just a random DIY I did when I found out my plain water bottles hanging around my room XD

These are old Sola (a.k.a my fave iced tea) bottles.
 What you will need:
-Old bottles (obviously)
-nail polish or paint if you have one for designing the bottles
-pair of scissors
First: tape the design you want to the bottle. If you wanna go freehand, it's okay too (I'm not so lucky to be capable of doing that tho haha)
Paint... XD and let it dry overnight.

And you are done! Because we are using nail polish, you can use nail polish remover and a q-tip to clean up some mess in the design. :)


So that's a wrap for the three DIYs! So sorry I posted it this late. :( 
Anyways, Happy New Year once again! :) Have a great and blessed 2015 ahead!



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