Hey peeps!

short haiiir :3

Wanna share some life update with y'all!

I'm not unemployed anymore! hehehe Yup! This post is just the  opposite of my previous "MeMyselfMylife" post. :D

I'm currently working as a reporter in a local paper and I'm loving my job (need to fight with my lazy piglet inner self sometimes in order to survive the day hehe) and all the stress that comes with it but I'm still pretty new so there are some adjustments needed. saying so, this also includes my blogging time which I love love loooove to do but my place (I work away from home) right now isn't that big (yup, literally) so I can't take much pictures for blogging...still working on it and on how I can adjust blogging with my time and energy (hehe lazy piglet).

So yeah...I know soon I can go back to blogging on a weekly schedule (fingers crossed).

That's all! Will post more soooon and very soon! (pinky promise)
Stay pretty and eat...a lot! haha
God bless y'all!

Went home for the weekend! Meet our new puppy! :)




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