Food Notes: Frost Bites Ice Cream Sandwich

ANOTHER notable food find during my recent travel in Cebu was this ice cream sandwich by Frost Bites.

In my previous Food Notes, I have mentioned that it was frequently raining during my travel which is equal to sweater weather but of course, when it comes to ice cream nothing can stop me!

We stumbled upon Frost Bites kiosk while strolling around SM Seaside City Cebu and the rest was history.

Fashion staples for the ‘bipolar’ weather

DO YOU often find yourself in a situation wherein you wear warm [sic SUPER HOT] weather appropriate clothing but then later on the day, when you’re out and about the weather changes and poof! – It rains.

I believe this happens to most of us lately and this is definitely a bummer so I would like to share some of my fashion staples for this inconsistent weather situation.

Indoor Fun Ideas

Happy Wednesday! It’s the middle of the work week for all of us and just a little push it will be the weekend.

Nowadays, especially during the weekends the weather situation outside is either super sunny hot or super pouring rain (lol) which makes us just wanna stay in for the day instead of going outside.

So being a certified homebody, other than surfing the internet for hour, movie marathon and long naps - here are some ideas on what you can do at home for a little change in your stay-in routine.

Food Notes: NYPD Pizza and Pasta Buffet

I RECENTLY had a short vacation and of course catching up with friends is best done over food (no diets lol).

During my first stop in Cebu my welcoming committee, Susie a.k.a piglet a.k.a college batchmate, knew how much I love pizza so she took me to this new pizza and pasta place in the area. I did not question her decision because pizza is life and it’s a pizza buffet! Heaven!
NYPD is located at APM Centrale, A. Soriano Ave. Mabolo just across SM City Cebu.

Rainy Season: The Basics

TYPHOONS are coming, how ready are you?

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA), in a report, announced that the rainy season has officially begun last May 24.

The weather bureau also reported on Sunday that they are expecting a tropical cyclone to enter the country.

Though it does not rain every day, here are some basic tips that you might need to keep you dry on pouring days.