Indoor Fun Ideas

Happy Wednesday! It’s the middle of the work week for all of us and just a little push it will be the weekend.

Nowadays, especially during the weekends the weather situation outside is either super sunny hot or super pouring rain (lol) which makes us just wanna stay in for the day instead of going outside.

So being a certified homebody, other than surfing the internet for hour, movie marathon and long naps - here are some ideas on what you can do at home for a little change in your stay-in routine.

1.Indoor card games

Instead of playing Clash of Clans or Clash Royale why not try playing some card games with your family and friends instead? My personal picks are Monopoly (Yes, there’s a card version if ever you’re wondering), Uno and the typical playing cards (unggoy-unggoy for the win!).

To add some fun you can punish the losers by letting them do the bean-boozled challenge. You can buy these special jelly beans with both yummy and yucky infusions at some mall candy stores. Game face on!

2.Arts and crafts

This is one of my fave activities to do especially when I am alone with no one to play with the cards at home. I look for DIY inspirations from Pinterest, Tumblr and Nifty Page on Facebook.

If you love coloring and don’t wanna spend or commit in those coloring books you can download them from Pinterest and you can also find some DIYs that will upcycle or recycle your old stuff.

3.Re-doing your interiors

Whether you are living in a boarding house or apartment, re-arranging your furniture and adding some decors surely makes a difference and makes you want to stay longer in your place too.

You can find some roomspirations from Pinterest and Tumblr as well!

Whether it’s supah hot or supah rainy, I hope you these ideas will help you have fun while staying-in. Don’t forget the snacks though! (wink!)

*disclaimer: all photos in this post are not mine*

*As published in SunStar Davao on July 20, 2016*

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