Fashion staples for the ‘bipolar’ weather

DO YOU often find yourself in a situation wherein you wear warm [sic SUPER HOT] weather appropriate clothing but then later on the day, when you’re out and about the weather changes and poof! – It rains.

I believe this happens to most of us lately and this is definitely a bummer so I would like to share some of my fashion staples for this inconsistent weather situation.


Leggings and jeggings (or jean leggings) is definitely on the top of my list. Its material is not too thick nor to thin which makes in perfect for the ever changing weather condition.
Sports brands makes good quality and long lasting leggings, it may be pricey but it’s worth it.

2.Harem pants/joggers

If you’re not a fan of leggings, then harem/boho pants or joggers can be you substitute. Going straight to the point, they are just like your pajamas but are way fashionable that you can go out wearing it. 

Sunny or rainy, I believe all of us can wear our pajamas whole day so both of these got you covered.

3.Plaid/flannel tops

Wrap it around your waist when the weather is warm and wear it as a jacket when the weather is chilling. I would also like to add that this type of prints is like PH’s uniform right now. (wink!)

4.Faux leather slip-ons/Rubber flats

Footwear is usually a problem for the inconsistent weather so to be safe at this time of the year I usually opt for my faux leather slip-ons or flats made with rubber material. They are both perfect for the sunny and rainy weather. I choose faux leather because leather is kinda pricy and you don’t wanna ruin pricey shoes from walking in puddles, right?

Those are some of my fashion staples for the ‘bipolar’ weather! Other than that, our health is also compromised during these times so don’t forget to drink lots of water and take your vitamins!

*Disclaimer: All photos in this post are not mine*

*As published in SunStar Davao on July 27, 2016*

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