Food Notes: NYPD Pizza and Pasta Buffet

I RECENTLY had a short vacation and of course catching up with friends is best done over food (no diets lol).

During my first stop in Cebu my welcoming committee, Susie a.k.a piglet a.k.a college batchmate, knew how much I love pizza so she took me to this new pizza and pasta place in the area. I did not question her decision because pizza is life and it’s a pizza buffet! Heaven!
NYPD is located at APM Centrale, A. Soriano Ave. Mabolo just across SM City Cebu.

My welcoming committee. 

We went there around 7 pm for dinner, the place was packed and the staff politely explained that we still need to fall in line outside and gave us a priority number. I was on a “hangry” state during that time and luckily, Susie’s officemates were there and we were able to share a table with them sooo no falling in line for us (wink!).

Pizza and Pasta

We were able to avail of NYPD’s promo price which was P199 (normal price is P249), but because the place is packed there were only a few slices of the different pizzas left at the buffet area.

All of the pizzas looked identical to me and it has no label as to what pizzas were being displayed so I just named them based on what was on it. I got pepperoni, hawaiian (because pineapples) and the one with chunks of somewhat spicy meat. The pasta situation was the same and they served three kinds: penne with tomato sauce, carbonara, and spaghetti Bolognese. They also have friend chicken and some tropical fruits in the buffet.

The food is good for its buffet price but I’ve tried better ones. Maybe it’s also because we didn’t get a chance to try their food fresh as it was quite late when we went there. I also wished drinks were included in the buffet.


The interior of the place is nice with New York inspired decors and high ceiling so no claustrophobic feels even if the place is packed.

They also have some “testimonial” board and picture wall where customers can share their dining experience.


I honestly finished my plate because of their clean plate policy where you pay extra if you can’t finish your food and because I was “hangry” but I will still give NYPD another chance when I get back to Cebu and go there earlier so I can have fresh batch of their pizza and pasta without much competition (wink!).

NYPD Pizza and Pasta Buffet is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm.

More food notes coming up soon so stay tuned!

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