K Recipes: Champorado

My big cup that I use as a bowl as well. hahaha
Here's another quick and easy K Recipe for you! Champorado! 

Champorado or a chocolate rice porridge is a Philippine recipe. Perfect cold weather food to keep you warm and you can also eat it cold when it's hot!

It is usually made using glutinous rice but for this recipe I will be using regular cooked rice. It is also a great way to re-cook left over rice. :)


-1 bowl cooked rice
-1 cup cocoa powder
-1 tbsp sugar (that's if your using unsweetened cocoa powder but here I just realized later on that we had sweetened cocoa powder at home haha)
-3 cups of water 
-milk :)

This recipe can serve up to three people. 

Ratio of this recipe is 1 bowl of cooked rice is equivalent to a cup of cocoa powder and to 3 cups of water, you can cut the recipe in half if you're only cooking it for yourself or multiply it if you are cooking for a lot of people. :)

Prep Time: 10-15 mins


Boil away! :)

-Mix the cooked rice, cocoa powder and 3 cups of water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil in medium heat stirring it occasionally to ensure that everything is well incorporated with each other. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar if you are using unsweetened cocoa powder.

-You know it's done when it reaches a porridge consistency (this one in the picture actually is super thick which you might not like so let's just stick with the porridge-y consistency.)

Serve it with milk on top (or bottom. hehe) in a bowl or in a huge cup/mug (like I did). Serve it hot when it's cold and cold when it's hot. :)

Here in the Phils we love eating Champorado with tuyo/dried fish! Yummers!
Happy Nom Nom! :D



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