Quick Three : Simple Random Tips For Everyday


From the title y'all know what this post will be all about (right? hehe). So I'm sharing three random tips which can help you everyday. :) I will try my best to make this a weekly thing (crossing my fingers here) and focus on particular topics like fashion, cooking and all that good stuff. 

For this particular "Quick Three" post I will be focusing on beauty and health tips. :) 

Let the post begin! (hahaha okay I'm weird)
Quick Tip 1:

Stained teeth? Sip your coffee or tea using a straw. 

Our mornings (or evenings?haha) won't be complete without sippin' our cup or mug of coffee or tea but drinking those everyday can stain our teeth. Using a straw can help to avoid staining your teeth while enjoying your cup of coffee/tea. Just make sure not to sip too fast while your drink is still hot!

Quick Tip 2:

Want to grow/strengthen your lashes? Use petroleum jelly! 

I personally have short and thin lashes and this had helped me so much! By applying a little petroleum jelly every night on your lashes can help condition and strengthen them which can make them thicker and longer! Just get a small amount and rub it between your fingers before applying. Note that it will not instantly lengthen your lashes instantly (or you may be lucky enough to see great results the next day!:)), you will see improvements after a week or two. :)

Petroleum jelly can also strengthen and speed up the growth of your eye brows, in case you had a mistake while shaving or plucking 'em. :) Be careful with your eyes while applying! 

Quick Tip 3:

Breaking out lately? Try changing your pillow cases. 

Yes. Your pillow case might be one of the reason why you're breaking out, especially when you love sleeping on a side position and your cheeks touches your pillowcase. Try changing it more frequently and see the difference. For me, whenever I see a pimple developing on my cheek I immediately change my pillowcase. :) 

You don't necessarily need to change your sheets just your pillowcase. I suggest changing it every week or two if you have oily skin. 

So that's all of my tips for now, I hope this post helped you. Will be sharing more tips soon! :)


p.s. I hope you are all loving this simple notebook-ish look of my blog. :) 

p.p.s. Pretty Little Liars Season 5! The long wait is over! :3 (Okay bye! haha)


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