The Plain T-shirt Challenge

One shirt. Different styles.

Bored with wearing your old and plain shirts? Here’s a post to give you ideas on how you can style your plain old t-shirt.

Plain shirts are definitely a staple! You can dress them up for a special event or dress it down when you just wanna go chill at the mall.:)

Tie Shirt 

By simply tying the bottom of your shirt you can eventually transform it from boring to something with detail. This works especially for loose t-shirts and perfect for when you are in a hurry and you’ve got only a plain shirt to wear.

Empire/ waist belts

These things works wonders in adding detail to your shirt and also adding shape to your body if you’re wearing a loose shirt like I did here. You can simply wear it under the bust area or on your waist. Most empires/waist belts come with great embellishments which is really a perfect tool in spicing up your plain shirt.

Statement Necklaces

Of course, you can never go wrong with wearing a statement necklace on a plain shirt. This just adds a great pop to it! What more can I say? (haha)


Vest is another top choice which can add style to your plain shirt. Wear a body fit vest if you’re wearing a loose shirt and a not that body flattering one if you’re wearing a body fit one.

Denim Jackets/ Business Jackets

Like vests, these jackets or any stylish jacket in that matter can definitely transform your plain shirt to something fab for a business meeting or any activity that you’re going to (woot!woot!)

Mix and Match

Yup! You know what to do. Mix and match for that perfect plain t-shirt transformation. :)

Any ideas for another fashion challenge? Comment down below! :)

Happy Day to You!



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