What's in my travel bag? (plus packing tips!)


Hey peeps! :))

So I recently went to a 3-day seminar for work  and I thought since we are just a few days away from April which just screams SUMMER, I decided to do a blog post about the things that I bring when I travel and I also included some tips for ya!

Whether your vacay is short or long, I hope you'll find these helpful. :)

Keep readin'!

 The seminar was held in a nearby city so we just had to take the bus going there that's why I just used my back pack. :)


Soooo, I always forget my chargers and earphones that's why I packed them first just to be sure. No one wants some zero batteries on their gadgets! :) 

Tip: pack ahead or list the things that you need to bring so you won't forget anything.

wires here, wires, there, wires everywhere!

Toiletries, make-up, and whatnot

 Zoomin' in the first purse we have my essentials which I also bring inside my bag on a day to day basis

We have my tissue, comb, alcohol and toilet disinfectant spray (because germs haha), my foldable fan (that green round thing), pads (because girl problems), a compact mirror and a cute medicine purse. 

Tip: For the medicines the most important ones that needs to be in your bag are the ones for tummy aches (diatabs), head aches (biogesic or a pain reliever), allergy meds (if any), and anti-seasick/carsick meds. Oh and I also have a menthol oil which also relieves my headaches and candies haha.


 Next, for my face I brought my moisturizer, lotion (that I placed in an old cream container so that I don't have to bring the big bottle), sunblock (of course) and oil blotting sheets (no to oily face!).

For make-up, I just brought the essentials which are: concealer, lip balm, powder, brow pencil and brush, and two shades of lippies a light and a red one.

tip: Red shade of lipstick effortlessly levels-up your look (and mood) without the need of putting much make-up (that's why I brought it hehe).

 For toiletries, I just brought the essentials all of which are in a mini version and sachets so as to save space and also if you're traveling via airplane bringing your shampoos and other liquids in a small container or sachets is a much safer option as some airports are strict about big ones if you hand carry your bag.

Tip: this yellow thing inside my toiletries bag is a small plastic bag to place your wet soap or tooth brush because even if this bag is waterproof, water might still drip through the zippers. Better be safe! 

 Clothes and extras

 For clothes, I just bought basic shirts for tops and pants and leggings for bottoms.


-leggings or jeggings are perfect option when travelling because they don't take so much space in your bag and I also brought extra fancy shorts just in case we need to look fancy haha.

-accessories like statement necklaces is an outfit transformer!

-Since my trip requires me to be out of my hotel room during the day, I only brought one set of sleeping clothes composed of a comfy shirt, shorts and thick socks -> I am really a jammies person but because of the limited space in my bag I just brought shorts and the thick socks would help me sleep well without being cold.

For shoes, wore my crocs which is made of a material perfect for rainy or sunny weather and sandals just for when you get tired of closed shoes. :)

So since it is a seminar I need to bring my pen(s) and notebook.

I also highly recommend for you to bring an umbrella (I don't recommend this tho if you're traveling via plane), sunglasses, and your glasses if you have eye probs like me. 

Other tips:

Check your travel schedule and research about the place that you are going to if you're not familiar with it yet and also check the weather forecast of the place so that you can prepare your clothes to fit the weather there. :)

Hope you enjoy your travel adventure! 

-Kriztja :)


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