Before 2015 ends: freeing spaces

Just a few hours and it’s almost 2016! Wow! This year had passed by so quickly (where did it go? Haha). 

Right now while waiting for that New Year’s Eve dinner ahead, you may have some extra time to spare. In this post I have prepared a few de-cluttering ideas of what you can do to free up some of your personal space to bring in the fresh New Year air.

Honestly, I was inspired to blog on this topic because of a cleaning book that I have been currently reading but don’t worry these are just simple ideas (I have yet to master the art of cleaning lol).

De-clutter your closet, bookshelf, bathroomJust kidding! It may be tiresome to do the three so you can choose just one area to clean. Personally, I am the type of person who cannot function properly knowing that there’s clutter around me (had to stop while writing this to fix my room haha) so yeah, I think for the New Year it is just fitting to begin de-cluttering. 

Bright side of doing so:

Closet – of course, by cutting down your stuff you are making way for new ones and another best part is you can donate your clothes to charity. Organized space plus you have helped others equals to best way to start the year. 

Bookshelf – more space for books. That’s all I can think of really hahaha.

Bathroom – You get a change to throw your old shampoo containers and replace those expired ones. I don’t know if this also happens to you but it does for me.

De-clutter your computer, laptop, phoneYesss, I know that some of us had accumulated some hundreds of selfies and groufies on our phones or MS word files on our laptops and computers. My friend, it’s now time to free up your space on that area. You can upload photos on a private folder on Facebook or email these files to your Google drive or iCloud. 

Gimme some Nick Miller moves haha (c) Buzzfeed
De-clutter your emailI used to be proud of myself in seeing thousands of unread email but right now all I want is to delete them to save some email space, especially social media notifications.

So those are some ideas that I want to share with you, if not today you can also do these during the weekend before starting your 2016 work week or school week.

Wohoooooo!!!! :) (c)
Until the next post, Happy New Year Everyone! 


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