iShare my faves: December 2013

Hello everyone! So I am starting this "iShare my faves" section here in my blog in which I will be sharing my favorite beauty, fashion, food and other random stuff that I liked during that span of time. So basically it's the blog version of that youtube monthly favorites video. :D

*disclaimer:(same as with all youtubers and bloggers) I am not trying to brag in any way or form of the things that I have, (I'm not rich!) since I'm still a student most of these were bought by my mom and I'm blessed for having her. If you don't like these types of posts then just don't continue, okay? :) 

So for my first monthly fave in the beauty section, I liked this balm stain from Revlon. 

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovesick (020)
I've been searching for this shade of lippie for months now and I'm so happy that I already have it! (weee!) I love this because it's highly pigmented and it also lasts for a good period of time. :) It also has a menthol feel when you apply it (smells like it too!) :)

My second fave for December was Fashion 21's Double Up mascara:

I've read a lot of great reviews for this mascara so when I saw this at the store I immediately bought it. It really doubles up the length of your lashes and since my lashes aren't that long, it's really a great help for me. PLUS! It's also very inexpensive bought it for about less than 250 php (poor memory, sorry.hehe) so it's very "sulit" for it's price. :)

Most of my friends know that I am really a big "germ freak" carrying all those hand sanitizers in my bag so I added up these two products to my germ-preventing-stuff collection (lol) and being clean makes you even more beautiful (hahahaha) :

Sani Spray Table and Seat Sanitizer 
I saw a product similar to this but I didn't bought it because it's name was kinda blasphemous and awkward it was also just for the toilet seat (can you guess it's name? hahaha) so...when I found this I immediately bought it. :D It's very handy when you need to sanitize something it also smells like lemon grass and I find the color of the bottle cute! (haha) :) 

Skin Protec Hand Sanitizing Foam in Sweet Pea
So this was just a fruit of my "impulse buying without reading the label thoroughly syndrome" (hahaha) I thought this was just a regular hand sanitizer in sweet pea (oh how I love the scent of it!) but I was wrong, it's a hand sanitizing foam, sounds weird but yeah it's kinda cool though. It's like playing with bubbles every time I apply it (I adore bubbles! hahaha) with additional benefits of killing germs and that sweet pea scent, so I like it! XD 

For my last fave in this section, I liked this perfume my mom gave me as a surprise gift:

I'm really not sure where my mom bought this but she knows I really love this because of its vitage-ish spritz thingy (idk what its called haha oops) she has a blue one similar to this and whenever I see it on her dresser I would always spray some on. :) 

I don't have that much fashion faves for the month of December but here's just a little summary of it. :) 

My boyfriend recently discovered the amazing world of thrift shopping (of course because of yours truly haha) so as the result every time he goes thrift shopping I end up buying more stuff than him because clothing stuff for women are way cheaper than men's clothing stuff. hahaha 

treasures from the thrift store locally known as "ukay-ukay" :)
My birthday falls on the month on December and I looove this pair of floral earrings my friend gave to me as a gift (thanks su!). :) 

and for the last fave -> SHOES!!! (I love shoes!)I bought one pair as a gift to myself and the other two was given by my mom <3 :="" font="" nbsp="">

Left to Right: Espadrille type flats from Rusty Lopez, sandals from Celine and loafers from So F.A.B
So that's all my favorites for Decemeber 2013! :) Happy New Year! :) God bless you all! :) 



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