3 tips for today April 17, 2010

        We all love spending time in the beach now a days cause it's summer. So for our Tip No. 1 : apply your sunblock when you're going out of the house specially when your spending longer hours under the heat of the sun. Use sunblocks with SPF 45 and above, also ones that are waterproof so that it won't be wash out by the water or your sweat. The higher the SPF the better. :)


          For our Tip No. 2: Always bring a pack of wet tissue on your bag (required for girls). They always come handy!Whenever there is no available faucet you can always use it to wipe out any "eew!" stuffs. :D

        And for the last Tip No. 3 : Don't use your cellphones at public places. I just read my Candy Mag April 2010 issue and there was a specific topic there about thieves. So to avoid those you should use your phone only at the right places. 

That's all for today. :) it was just simple tips. :D
take care everyone . GB.


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