Review Pad: Bioré UV Perfect Bright Face Milk

IF there’s one thing that I have learned from my dermatologist, it is that using sun block especially on your face is not only applicable when going to the beach but everyday as well. The sun’s harmful rays cannot only be found in beaches after all.
Speaking of sun block I have been meaning to try Bioré’s UV Perfect Bright Face Milk for a long time now as it has been praised by a ton of Youtubers. Since it is locally available, I have given it a try and here’s what I think about it.

The Product
Before going to the review, let us first talk about the product. Bioré UV Perfect Bright Face Milk according to its packaging is “No. 1 sunscreen brand in Japan.” Other than being a sunscreen with SPF 50, the product can also serve as a make-up primer as it has a light correction powder that covers your skin’s imperfections. I bought my Bright Face Milk from Watsons for about P380 pesos.

As for the brand, Bioré is a makeup brand owned by Kao Corporation, a Japanese chemical and cosmetics company.

Pros and Cons: My Experience
I have used the Bioré Perfect Bright Face Milk for more than a month now and here are some pros and cons to consider before buying it:

-More than protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays, this product also helps in oil control.
-Serves as a good primer before makeup.
-The product is truly light weight which makes it perfect for everyday use.
-Price is pocket friendly compared to other face sunscreens.

-Okay for everyday but not for a beach or pool day: The product may be sweat and waterproof but don’t last long during extreme outdoor activities where you sweat a lot or when swimming as per experience.
-Can be used for sensitive skin but should be thoroughly washed because even though the product is lightweight it can still block my pores and cause me to breakout sometimes.

The Verdict
Overall, I am highly recommending this product for everyday use just make sure to properly cleanse your face by the end of the day.

That’s all for Bioré’s UV Perfect Brightening Face Milk. Until next week!

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