Kadayawan Festival Essentials

IT’S the Kadayawan Season once again here in Davao City! One of the biggest and the most awaited celebration not only of Dabawenyos but also tourists from around the globe.

And of course, with the official opening of Kadayawan Festival on Tuesday and with the long holiday ahead (yay!) there are lots and lots of festival related events that most of us would go to.

So here are some festival essentials that you might just need while watching Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan or while partying all night with your friends this weekend.

Sling bags/ fanny packs

For years now, backpacks have been included in the no-no list of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) during the week-long celebration. Instead, use your sling bags and pack light when going to events since we will be standing for a loooong time. Fanny packs or waist packs also comes in cute designs now and this is another best option which also serves as a good fashion statement!

Mini/foldable water bottles

Dehydration is not pretty and water sold during events can be quite expensive. Save yourself by bringing those mini water bottles, the ones you can buy for P5 or P10 at the grocery or use foldable water bottles that you can just clip-on to your bag.

Scarfs or bandanas

Since hats and shades is another DCPO no-no during events and sometimes foldable umbrellas can be heavy, a sub for this can be your thin scarfs or bandanas. Keep your self protected from the heat of the sun!

Power bank

Do not let a low battery smartphone stop you from posting as much “groufies” or “selfies” during Kadayawan, always bring your handy dandy power bank! There are small ones available that can charge your phone twice. There may also be some rare Pokemons out there that you don’t wanna miss! (winks!)


Headaches, stomachaches and allergies are the most common festival sickness is should say, so save yourself from being in a bad mood by packing your meds ahead in your mini bags.

Sanitizing stuff

I cannot stress this enough but germs are everywhere especially during these times. So always keep mini alcohol, hand sanitizers and wet tissues in your bag and be germ free.

Those are just some of my essentials. Remember to always follow the rules because they are there for a reason. J I do hope that all of you would have a great Kadayawan Festival Celebration!

*disclaimer: all photos in this post are not mine*

*As published in SunStar Davao on August 17, 2016*

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