Morning rituals for a better you

ARE you feeling lazy in the morning? I know that most of us stay up late at night and hate getting up early in the morning but we have no choice though because of work and school.
I really love mornings and I love to begin everyday with rituals that will not only help me jump start my day but also make me feel “healthier” inside out.


It only takes a few minutes for a quick morning stretch.

According to American College of Sports Medicine, stretching can help in increasing blood flow to all parts of the body which includes the brain. Doing a few minutes of stretching or yoga in the morning helps in waking you up after the long night’s sleep and energize you throughout the day. Other than that, it also helps improve posture and reduce muscle pains.

Try searching for some morning stretching/yoga routines on Youtube of Pinterest, they have a lot of selections that will suite you.

Fix your bed

Fold that blanket and arrange those pillows.

I know we feel lazy doing this, but fixing your bed will help you resist the temptation of going back to sleep. This can also help in clearing your mind in the morning because of a less cluttered space. For me, fixing my bed serves as the opening ceremony that my day has officially begun and I’m ready to prepare for work or do my chores.

Mood Booster Playlist

Woke up at the wrong side of the bed?

Create your own mood booster playlist for instant good vibes in the morning. Just don’t get too much distracted so as not to run late for work or school. Our mood really affects our productivity for the day so hit that mood booster playlist. Spotify is my best friend on this.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Working is difficult when you’re hungry or “hangry” which makes breakfast the most important meal of the day as it breaks our fasting while we were sleeping. Because I don’t have much time to cook on a work day I usually eat my breakfast at work.

I’m sure that most of us can really attest on what difference breakfast makes and how it contributes to our productivity at work/school.

Morning Pages

Another ritual that I have been practicing, I’ve learned about morning pages from Aileen Xu known as Lavendaire in Youtube. Every morning she dedicates 3 pages just to let out ideas, set goals for her day or goals for the week.

For my morning pages, I usually don’t pressure myself in filling up 3 pages. I just let my thoughts out freely and without pressure nor restrictions. Other than my goals/plans for the day, I also write about my expectations even my fears if I am having a big event during that day. Writing my morning pages made me realize everything will always work out in the end. It made me count my blessings, appreciate the little things and be more thankful of what I have.

Morning pages is a great way to clear your mind and free your ideas. Try it!
Being a morning person is great! Personally, being a morning person has helped me become more productive and manage my time efficiently.

I hope that you would consider trying some of these morning rituals and see the difference that it makes in you. 

*As published in SunStar Davao on August 10, 2016*

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