Day off diaries: Exploring the National Museum

I HAVE a few list of museums that I wanted to visit in Manila but considering time and traffic (and budget haha), my dear friend: Vjoy and I decided to start with our very own National Museum for our day’s itinerary.

My day off was on a Sunday during my stay in the metro which just fits the museum’s visiting schedule of Tuesdays to Sundays. The museum has also been officially declared as “permanently free” for visitors which is a huge plus!

First Stop: the Museum of the Filipino People.

Brace yourself for the long lines during weekends.(and because it's free now)

After Church and eating lunch, we first went to the Museum of the Filipino People, a branch of the National Museum which mostly features artifacts from the different periods and areas in the country.

Some of the collections that we saw there include the San Diego exhibit gallery which features recovered cannons, old helmets, boat models and more; the Five Centuries of Maritime Trade which features artifacts from merchant sailors mostly recovered from sunken ships before the coming of the Spaniards; and a collection of preserved birds and different rice varieties here in the country.

Second stop: National Art Gallery

After that we then walked to the main museum building which is the National Art Gallery which features both old and new art pieces from different Filipino artists. Upon our entry, we first went to the Spoliarium Hall and were in awe of Juan Luna’s masterpiece, Jose Rizal’s artworks, sculptures, painting materials and things of significant people in history.

Our feet were sore from too much walking that day but we tried our best to check out all the galleries in both museum branches and took our time until their closing at 5 pm.

Both Vjoy and I just spent the afternoon by always saying “wooow!” during our tour and recalling our history lessons. Truly our country has a lot to offer especially when it comes to art, can’t wait to explore more museums soon!

Selfie! Vjoy and I.
Special thanks to Vjoy for taking me here and for the wonderful photos of our day’s trip featured in this article. 

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*As published in SunStar Davao on September 28, 2016*

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