Plan Your Life 2017

AS EARLY as now various brands are already selling their 2017 planners and it’s never too early to buy a planner.

I am anticipating to have a busier year for 2017 (fingers crossed) so I started my search for my “the one” planner last week online and here’s what I’ve stumbled upon so far.

Sunnies’ 2017 Agenda

The third edition for their yearly agenda, Sunnies’ 2017 is travel themed and features essential checklist and information needed by travelers. From things to pack to currencies, this agenda is perfect for those who would like to achieve their #TravelGoals next year.

This is also my current planner for 2016 and I should say that it’s pretty, simple and useful. You can buy this planner for P199 when you purchase two sunglasses/specs.

Design Your Life 2017 by C&S Designs

This year’s Design Your Life (DYL) 2017 planner is for the girly ladies out there. The cover will surely brighten up your day with its pastel prints plus it features a rose gold binding.

Other than their cutely designed monthly and weekly planning pages, DYL 2017 also features a photo page, monthly power words, monthly challenges, money tracker and travel planners to name a few.

Other than the DYL 2017 planner, C&S also has the DYL Back to Basics planner which is a bigger and a simpler one. Both planners are priced at P595.

Belle de Jour 2017 Power Planner

Made by Viviamo!, the 2017 Belle de Jour (BDJ) power planner bears the theme “Trust your heart to overcome the waves” which aims to motivate their users throughout the year. The planner comes in three different designs and features checklists that will truly help you in reaching your goals for the year.

Other than BDJ Power Planners, Viviamo! also have the Everything is Possible, Navi and Focus planners. Their planners are currently on sale and starts from P400.

Scribble Planner 2017

For 2017, the Scribble Planner features a marble-like cover. The planner features different motivational quotes and artworks that will really motivate you to reach your goal.

The planner is spacious and is really ideal for you to scribble throughout the year. You can buy Scribble Planner 2017 for P595 from Filed. If you’re not a fan of dated planners, they are also selling undated ones.

Jacinto and Lirio Planners

Jacinto and Lirio planners are perfect for those who are into eco-friendly products. Their planner covers are made from water hyacinth and designed with what us Pinoys can relate to.

Their planners are in sleeves and is very multifunctional as it features card holders, pouches, and pockets on top of the monthly and weekly notes. Some planner sleeves can even fit a tablet or your phone. Jacinto and Lirio planner price starts at P889.

Those are the planners that I found so far, if you’re still haven’t found your “the one” planner from what was mentioned I’m pretty sure you’ll find it soon.

So now the question is, have I found my “the one” planner from here? The answer is…I will leave you hanging now. Until next week! 

*disclaimer: all photos in this post are from the product's website/FB pages. 

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