Review Pad: L'Paige Lipstick

AS much as I can, I want to use all natural beauty products but they are pretty hard to find especially for make-up and it can be pricey as well.

For this review, I’m going to share my thoughts on this aloe-based lipstick that I have been using for quite a while now.


About the brand

L’Paige is a cosmetic brand based in Texas, USA, they pride for their all natural products and is known mainly for their aloe-based lipsticks.

Owner Erlene Hammett, according to their website, found the brand back in 1984 beginning with their green “changeable” aka “magic” lipstick. If you’re not familiar with what magic/changeable lipsticks, it’s the one that changes to a different color (mostly pink or red) when applied. 
Erlene also named the brand after her daughter Paige following the death of her late husband.

Beginning with their magic/changeable lipstick, the humble brand also sells regular colored lipsticks, as well as blushers, bronzers, lip liner pencils, and cosmetic brushes.

#59 Mango

The product

We ordered ours online here, it comes in a simple but elegant packaging. The packaging somewhat looks outdated but I don’t mind because I still think it’s cute. Vintage-y.

For their changeable lipstick, they have six colors to choose from: green, blue, yellow, black, white, and brown. Their changeable lippies changes to different shades of pink/red depending on how many times you apply it.

For their regular lippies, they have about 52 shades to choose from.

Mommy lippie and baby lippie. Sample sizes comes free for every lipstick purchase on the site!
They also have trial sizes that comes for free wherein you can choose your preferred lippie shade. Pretty handy!

The cost of their lipsticks really varies depending on the exchange rate but when we ordered last month it cost us about P648.50 ($13.79) including the shipping fee. Since we live in PH, it took about 2-3 weeks for it to be shipped.

From left to right: #59 Berry Wine, #57 Mango, White Changeable Lippie, #03 Azalea Pink

SWATCHES! From top to bottom: #59 Berry Wine, #57 Mango, White Changeable Lippie, #03 Azalea Pink #36 Amaretto

Pros and Cons 

I started using their lippies back in college when got it as a gift from my mom. My first L’Paige lipstick was their blue magic lipstick which turns to pink then followed by one of their regular colored lipstick in Azalea Pink. What made me love them was really because I saw a difference in my lips condition from being dark.

So first things first, for their lippies L’Paige lipsticks claims to be:

-Very Long Lasting (for their changeable/magic lippies)
-Won’t Irritate, dry off, kiss off and cake off the lips since it contains Aloe Vera & Beeswax, which heals, moisturizes, & softens the lips.
-Sun screen
-No Animal Testing
- Does not contain lead, aluminum, or petroleum distallates.

-It’s all natural and does not test with animals
-It really didn’t irritate my lips and as mentioned made them better each use
-Very moisturizing
-Sun screen is a plus (didn’t even know that until I wrote this haha)

-It really doesn’t last that long: You really need to re-apply it once in a while (but I’m lazy to reapply and just leave it as is. If it’s gone, it’s gone lol)
-Regular colored ones melts easy AF (woops). Not quite travel friendly here in tropical ph, just remember to refrigerate it first for about 5 mins before applying it if you’ve been carrying it outside.
-It cakes off. I don’t really know what the right term really is but after a few hours of applying their lipsticks, it leaves a gunk on my lips. I don’t know if the product has that peeling property but I tried exfoliating my lips and it still happens. You really need to regularly check a mirror for this.

Additional comments For their regular lip shades are mostly vintage-y colors which may be a yay or a nay depending on your preference but for me since 90’s trends are slowly coming back it’s a yay!

My fave shade so far. Berry Wine #59

The Verdict

Overall because it’s natural, makes my lips look better and moisturizing makes me like it but I use this interchangeably with my other lippies since they have limited shades.

My personal pic for the regular lip shades though are the dark ones because I love the Berry Wine (#59) shade that I recently bought and the “caking” doesn’t show as much when I use it. Their light colored lippies tend to be look frosted or shimmery which I don’t hate but not ideal for daily usage.

I would recommend it for those looking for natural lippies but just put in mind my reminders in the cons part of this post just to be safe.

Will I repurchase? Definitely yes!  

I hope this review helped you, I am not claiming to be an expert but just merely sharing my thoughts and experience while using the product. Watch out for more reviews in this series soon!


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