Halloween look ideas

IT’S almost the long weekend and since it’s the spooky season aka Halloween here are some looks from my some of my favorite Youtubers that you might wanna try.

Broken doll

A simple but with an oomph Halloween makeup look, Jenn (clothesencounters) recreates a broken doll just by using an eyeliner. This look is pretty easy to recreate as it does not require much make up just a little drawing skill will do.

Full video tutorial here: 

Unicorn remake

This look is perfect for unicorn lovers out there. Karen (IAMKARENO), creates this look in two tutorial videos. 

For her makeup she mixed glittery pastel unicorn colored eye shadows and highlighters to create a holographic effect. 

Full video tutorial here:

For her hair, which she calls the “space buns,” she just sprinkled a mixture of glitters and sprayed it with hairspray.

Full video tutorial here:

Squad deck

If you are going to a party with a big group, why not be a “squad deck” instead? Lauren (LaurDiy), created shirts just by cutting felt paper to card deck shapes and sticking them to their shirts using a glue gun. Easy breezy to make!

Full video tutorial here:

Happy trick or treating!

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