Bag organization and caring tips

WHETHER going to work, school, or even just running day to day errands most of us girls tend to always bring our bags with us because there are just some things that we cannot leave behind. Am I right?

So for this week’s column, I’m going to talk about five simple tips that would come in handy for our beloved bags.

1. Travel pouches as bag organizers

I don’t know about you but those typical mini bag type organizers may be bulky or big enough to fit in small bags. Instead, I suggest substituting them with travel pouches. They not only come in many sizes but also with lots of zipper pockets. Most of them are also made with waterproof material which is a huge plus in case some of your beauty products spill.

2. Use old mints containers for hair pins and hair ties

Hair pins and hair ties are some of the small loose articles that we often dig inside our bags when we need it. To make things easier for you, place it inside your old mint containers for easy access. This will also help in preventing inside scratches or damage to your bag from the hair pins.

3. Wrap cold drink bottles in towel

For those who bring cold drinks with them for school or work, unless you are using a backpack with bottle pockets wrap it in a face towel or a towel just in the perfect size to cover its bottom and sides. I know this is an old trick but if you did not know about this already this will help in absorbing the moisture from your drinking bottle and avoid your things from getting wet.

4.Always bring a folded plastic bag
Other than for carrying stuff, this is also a very helpful tip especially during the rainy season. Why? When you want to go to the mall yet you do not want to go to the baggage counter to leave your folding umbrella you can just put it inside the plastic bag and place it back in your bag. I believe no one wants to be in the long baggage counter line during the rainy days. 

5.Keep silica gel pouch inside your bag
They are small packets that you mostly see inside your new shoes, do not throw them as they are very useful in absorbing moisture. Put a small packet in your bag and you’re good to go.

Hope you find some of these tips helpful. Happy February first everyone!

*Also Published in SunStar Davao on February 1, 2017*

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