Five moments your mom was like Jessica Huang

If you are not familiar with the Huangs yet, they are the Chinese family main characters of the comedy series: Fresh Off the Boat. It is a story of an extended typical Chinese Asian family who moved from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Florida for a greener pasture for their family. The show was set in 1995 which brings back so much memories from the 90’s (90’s kid represent!).

The Huangs are mainly composed of the Dad: Louis, Mom: Jessica and their sons: Eddie, Emery, Evan but since they are and extended family which most of us Asians are their grandma is also living with them. 

Since it is still the month of May and with me loving the series (obviously), as a tribute to our beloved supermoms here are five moments in the series where Eddie, Emery and Evan’s mom: Jessica Huang played by Constance Wu was just like your own beloved mom.

1. Thrift freak aka Tipid Queen

-Ever had that moment during grocery shopping and your mom asks you to take back the things you got because it did not pass her price check test on the payment counter? Ohh the walk of shame...But that's just one of the many best qualities of our mothers: budgeting and making sure all our needs are met before our wants.  

Jessica is also the Queen of being thrifty, from loitering at a grocery shop in order to save air conditioning during the Orlando heat wave, exchanging her kids’ clothes instead of buying new ones and haggling to get the cheapest price, she really has mastered the art of thriftiness.

2.Constantly reminds us of the importance of education

-As what my mom says, education is the best gift that they can give us their children. Jessica thinks so too! When Eddie got straight A’s and she freaked out because school was easy and of course, her invention of the homeschool CLC (Chinese Learning Center)!

3.Very superstitious

-Being Chinese, Jessica fears the number 4 as it sounds the same with the death in Chinese, so she tries her best to protect her family from that number. I am pretty sure that we have a lot of superstitious stories that our mothers taught us, for me its saying “tabi-tabi po (excuse me)” whenever I am in a new area or a secluded place for safety from those we cannot see.

4.Personal alarm clock

-Especially on a school day, our mom’s surely serves as our most effective alarm clock (mom alarms do not have the snooze button option). Jessica says that her batteries never die! :D
5.Her acts of love speak louder than her words.

-Just like Jessica Huang, our moms maybe tough in words and in creating rules but they are doing all of this because they love us. At the end of the day, all they want is the best for us. 

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! You rock!

And if you haven’t watched the series yet, please do give it a try! You’ll love it too!

-Kriztja :) 
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