Job seeking 101: common application mistakes

DURING job application, most job seekers focus on the interview as the primary way of stepping ahead in getting the job. Some forget to see that application is the primary tool wherein we can showcase ourselves and make a good impression prior to meeting them face to face. It is during these times that we want to put our best foot forward.
Especially for fresh graduates and first time job-seekers here are some common job application mistakes which “turns-off” your potential employer. 

 1.Grammar and spelling
-This may come out as petty errors for some but we should try to avoid this as much as possible as this may give out an impression of not being determined towards your work. It always pays to review and proof read your resume several times (or ask a friend to help you) before submitting your resume. 

2.Thick resumes
-Putting our best foot forward does not mean handing out our potential employers with a thick, wordy resume. Keeping it simple is the key; it is suggested to keep your resume to a maximum of two pages as most screeners usually don’t read beyond that. Highlight you skills and experiences relevant to the position that you are applying for.
Also, don’t forget to use a presentable picture together with your resume. Studio taken photos are an investment for this. Ask for the soft copy of your photo as you can still use it for different purposes such as government ID applications.

3.Forgetting the cover letter
-Most job seekers forget the importance of adding a cover letter to their application overlooking the fact that this serves as the “cherry” on top of their resume. Cover letters are essential as they serve as attention grabbers to employers. This should contain the job position that you are applying for and your contact details.

4.Failing to learn about the company
-In connection to number three, you can make the best cover letters if you have researched about the company as you can address your cover letter directly to the manager or the head of the particular division or department that you are applying for in the company. Knowing the full name (plus proper spelling) and the designation of your potential boss is a huge plus on cover letters as this shows your interest in joining their company. 

5.Constantly asking for updates from the hiring manager
-We may be desperate to get that job asap but we should also consider that applications go through a process so we should be patient. Application response as per experience usually takes two weeks up to three months depending on the prominence and size of the company that you are applying to. When submitting your application you can also politely ask the hiring manager as to the soonest time they can call back.

6. Social media image
-Last but not the least; social media also plays the role in branding ourselves. So we should be wary that even though our accounts may be personal, some employers tend to check our social media as a way to assess us and to know more about who we are beyond our application documents. 

We may not be perfect but we should avoid committing these common mistakes as much as possible because it is during these circumstances that our mistakes may make or break that job that we are eyeing on. 

There may be rejections along the way during the job application but just keep learning and improving and you’ll soon get that job for you. Have fun job hunting!

-Kriztja :)
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*As published in Sun.Star Davao on April 18, 2016*

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