Job Seeking 101: Interview

NOW unto the last and final part of the job seeking process: interview.

If you have passed the application process through the hiring manager and the examination (if there’s any) then you are now moving to the “main event” of your job application.

Your interview may be done either one-on-one or panel and as per experience, the latter is the scariest (obviously).

So to cap-off this job-seeking series, here are five handy tips you might consider for your next job interview. 

1. Be Early 

- Don’t hit that snooze button on your big day! Coming to the venue ahead of time gives you enough room to freshen up and calm your nerves before the interview proper. 

Most people nowadays forget the value of being punctual but this is one of the most appreciated qualities of a lot of employers. 

2. Dress Appropriately

-Your getup on that day basically depends on the position that you are applying for (e.g. fashion consultant) but usually the safest choice will always be smart casual. 

Avoid being too formal or too casual, I suggest sticking to your basic white polo, blazer, black slacks and black shoes (heeled for girls). 

Also, Get enough sleep and eat something before your interview. 

3. Prepare a script or advance answers for possible questions

-In every interview, an employer will always ask about your background so instead of just winging it prepare a script so you will be guided and not babble throughout your interview. Some basic questions include:

*Why do you want to join our company?
*What do you know about our company?
*Why should we hire you?
*How do you see yourself years from now?
*What are your strengths and weaknesses?

As you can see, other than personal things most of the employer’s questions tend to focus more on your knowledge about their company. Doing your research will definitely help you ace that job!

4.Focus on your accomplishments and how you can contribute to the company
-Yes, we may love talking about our achievements but we should not forget that in an interview, the employer is only interested about what our contribution will be to their company should they decide to hire you. Don’t forget to be courteous and polite at all times and avoid arguing with your interviewer. Create bridges of connection and don’t burn them.

5. Be confident and alert

-The last thing that you want to do during an interview is panic because you don’t have an answer. Your interviewer may be very intimidating but the key to conquering that is staying calm and listening so you would understand the questions. Sit up straight during the interview and always maintain eye contact. 

Additional tip: Don’t forget to say a prayer, hug your mom or a friend before and after the interview. A little moral support would be a great help at this moment. 

That’s it for the “Job Seeking 101” series, always stay alert in job postings, learn from your previous mistakes and keep on learning. You can do it!

-Kriztja :)

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*As published in Sun.Star Davao*

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