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3 ways to exfoliate with brown sugar

THERE a lot of benefits in exfoliating our skin such as removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and reviving dull skin.

Brown sugar or sugar on its own is a natural exfoliant that we can use that is suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones (me included). Sugar is also said to be a natural source of glycolic acid which is helpful in maintaining a healthy and moisturized skin.

Other than being natural, brown sugar together with other products/ingredients that I will be featuring here are readily available in your kitchen and bathroom which means zero spending!
Just mix brown sugar with these ingredients/products for your own ready to use DIY exfoliating scrubs. 

1. Face (Brown Sugar + your cleanser/honey and lemon)

-Simply add a pinch or a teaspoon of brown sugar to a dollop of your cleanser applying it to wash your face and *voila!* instant face scrub. You can also use a mixture of brown sugar, honey and lemon (dilute lemon with water for sensitive skin types) as a facial scrub especially when you’re breaking out as honey and lemon have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which will help heal your skin. For scrubbing the face, I suggest only using your last three fingers (from middle to small finger) as this will ensure less pressure as you scrub your face in circular motion.

2. Lips (Brown Sugar + petroleum jelly)
-Smoothen dry chapped lips by mixing a pea-size amount of petroleum jelly and brown sugar. Apply the mixture on your lips and gently scrub it in circular motion or you can also use your toothbrush for even scrubbing, wipe and apply your fave lip balm or just petroleum jelly and you are done! Other than the lips, this mixture can also be used for exfoliating elbows and knees.

3. Body (Brown Sugar + Olive Oil/Coconut)
-Just mix brown sugar and olive oil or coconut oil and you now have an exfoliating body scrub that your skin will thank you for. These oils are a perfect pair to sugar as they will help in keeping the skin moisturized and glowing after the scrub.  

Tip: Exfoliate only at least once or twice a week. As what they say too much of something is bad for us so over scrubbing is definitely a no-no. I suggest making your exfoliating session as a weekend treat to yourself after all the hard work you’ve done and the ‘icky stuff’ that you skin has accumulated throughout the week.

Have fun scrubbing this weekend!

-Kriztja :) 
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*As published in Sun.Star Davao last May 14, 2016*



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