College 101: Living Away From Home Essentials

FOR those moving out for college, packing up your things is the most exciting and stressful part. You are in a dilemma of what to bring with you and what to leave behind. 

I honestly am an over packer so here is a list of some essentials I have come up with to guide you in packing and in avoiding that excess baggage probs at the airport. 

Bring from home

-Basic clothing and shoes: this includes two weeks’ worth of undergarments and socks, jammies, workout clothes, comfy shirts and some flats and sandals. If your school don’t have uniforms I suggest bringing clothes that you can mix and match, include some cardigans and accessories so you won’t need to bring a lot of items just to look different.

-Semi-formal clothing and shoes: college parties usually happen during the first two months so better be prepared.

-Sneakers: PE Class essential and for some fitness motivation

-Swimsuit, hair cap and googles: another PE class essential

-Your gadget’s chargers: you don’t wanna come to school with empty batteries!

-Prescription meds and a list of your doctors: need I say more?

Buy at school

-Bathroom caddies or toiletry bags: unless you have your own bathroom this is very important especially if you are sharing a bathroom with other people.

-Bath robe, towels, pillows and beddings: these tend to be very bulky to pack so it is much better to buy it when you get to your school.

-Slippers: buy one specifically for bathroom use, you don’t wanna go barefoot in a foreign bathroom.

-Pail, tabo,hanger and clothespins: for your clothing and laundry needs.

-Extension cords and adapters: not all plugs in your dorm room are accessible.

-Plate, bowl, mug and kitchen utensils: for your noms.

-Disinfectant spray and multi-insect killer: These will be your best friend to help you fight germs, mosquitoes and COCKROACHES. 

-Water heater: we have come up with a lot of uses for this before we cook some instant noodles in it, hardboiled eggs and of course coffee and tea fixes. I suggest buying one with a flat heating surface rather than a coil one so you can cook some instant meals easily.

My list seriously goes on but these are the essential things that I think a college student needs as per experience. 

Hope this helps all of the incoming college students out there. 

Jotting down your essentials and the things that you want to bring ahead of time can really help in making sure that you do not leave anything behind.

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*As published in SunStar Davao on June 8, 2016*

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