College 101: Saving Tips

BUDGETING in college is not easy because you need to spend some cash in every move you’re going to make.

Mastering the art of budgeting is a good skill that one needs to master which will be very helpful in the “real world.” So other than always begging your parents for your allowance, why not consider these tips that may help you save some moola during your college journey.

1.Buy or borrow old/used textbooks

-Rather than buying new ones during the semester, why not borrow or buy used textbooks from your seniors instead? There are some books especially for minor subjects which would still be good as new by the end of semester. Not only would this be cheaper but you can still sell it after to another fellow student in need.

In case all of these fail, photocopying the textbook is also a cheaper option.

2.Check for scholarships/part time jobs

-Not all of the scholarship offerings and university part-time jobs are posted so you have to do some research yourself. You can also try working for your school paper, I believe that most of them offer a reasonable compensation.

If you’re dormitory or boarding house offers free wifi, there are also a lot of part time online jobs out there. This way, you would not only make use of your free time but also gain some extra cash as well.

3.If you can, cook your own meals

-Yes, bringing your own baon will really help you save money rather than buying from the cafeteria. If you can cook where you live in college then make the most out of it. Meal prepping is a good option too.

Other than being matipid, this will also help you in eating healthy.

4.List and calculate your expenses

-With a notebook and a calculator, list down your daily expenses. This way you can keep track on where most of your allowance goes. Divide it into categories like: food, transportation, and school fees.

Also, keep a list when buying things at the mall or grocery shopping and use your calculator while doing so. This is the tip my mom taught me so which will make sure that you won’t go over your budget.

5.Make use of your university facilities

-Especially for wifi and cheap printing services, there are a lot of free or discounted school services that your university may offer, make use of it.

Other than books, some university libraries have some DVDs and CDs that students can borrow. Perfect way for a movie marathon with your roommates without spending some cash!

6. Thrift shop clothes for themed events

-During my college years, there were a lot of themed parties especially during the beginning and the end of the year so rather than running at the mall right away why not try thrift shopping a.k.a ukay-ukay?

I honestly love thrift shopping as their styles are mostly better that the ones at the mall and are also WAY CHEAPER. Just wash and disinfect the clothes properly and they will be good as new.

Hope you found these tips helpful!  

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*As published in SunStar Davao on June 17, 2016*

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