College 101: Study tips

DEVELOPING your preferred study habit in college is really hard due to a bunch of distractions in campus.

As what I have said in the first article for this column series, developing a study habit during your freshman year is really a must because sooner or later things will get really rough and having your own study strategy would really be a great help.

So here are a few basic tips that will guide in achieving your own effective learning.

1.Look for a perfect study spot, time and mood

-A perfect place, time and mood is really important in studying. There are some of us who prefers to study in a coffee shop with people around and some prefer the peaceful and quiet library or their bedroom. I used to studying in the comforts of my room but sometimes when my bed is really too hard to resist, I go to my fave spot in the library near the window.

Time and mood is also another important factor. Are you a night owl or a morning person? Do you prefer studying when you’re full or “hangry”? Those are some things you need to check from time to time when studying as these can also affect your productivity.

2.Prioritize your time

-Extra-curricular activities will always be there but you need to prioritize your main reason for going to school which is (obviously) studying your lessons. So there’s no reason for us to blame our sports practice or org activities as to why we failed to study for our exams or quizzes. 

All these activities are conducive for our growth and well-being but they can all wait. Studies is the priority.

3.Develop a study system

-Difficulty subjects/home works first and easy ones after. This was the system that I have developed when I was still in college. I do the difficult ones first so that I can save more time and because I really tend to procrastinate when I choose to do it last.

4.Experiment on different study methods

-Whether drawing a thought web or jotting down key words/terms, you need to experiment on these to find which method works best because reading and highlighting the words may sometimes be not enough for us to remember them during exam.

5.Look for a study partner/group

-Studying in a group is also effective as long as all of you will help each other instead of distracting each other. For me, I used to have a study partner when studying for math as it is my least favorite subject.

6.Don’t be afraid to ask for help

-Yes, just like when you are confuse with some algebra stuff (*wink). Don’t be afraid to ask your classmates or your teachers for help. I’m pretty sure they are more than willing to help you rather than pretend that you know when you really do not.

7.Say no to cramming

-I have said this during my first article on the series and I will say it again: Cramming is never pretty. So if you have the time do what you got to do as early as you can don’t wait until it’s only a few days before the deadline and your loaded with tons of other projects to comply. Save yourself from the hassle and stress.

I also learned that it’s better to finish everything you need to do before going to sleep rather than choosing to do it early the next day as the success rate of that as per experience is low.

8.Take a breather from time to time

-Take some 20 minute breaks in between your study time to stretch, nap, snack or watch an episode of your favorite TV series. Our brain can only take in so much so you also deserve a break (and a KitKat).

Bonus tip: Since I am quite a science freak, I have also read that chewing the same gum flavor while studying and during the actual exam can help one remember better. Researchers have seen that chewing gum helps in increasing brain blood flow and the gum’s scent helps in memory improvement. Cool right?

As always, I hope that you will find these tips helpful. Developing your study habit and its components may take some time but all of the effort and hard work will be worth it when you find the best one that suits you. Go for the gold!

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