College 101: Relationships

UNLIKE elementary or high school where we get to spend the whole day with the same people in class, college is very different as we get to meet a lot of strangers on a daily basis.
We will have a lot of relationships throughout our college journey and by relationships I mean not only the boyfriend/girlfriend ones but also friends, classmates, dorm mates, board mates etc.

So to cap off this series, I will be sharing some of the things I learned about relationships in my college journey.

1.Be with ‘goal digger’ friends

- Rather than being friends with those who will pressure you to do things that you do not want to do, be with people who will encourage you to become better. This may sound clichĂ© to some you but it’s true, once you have the same goal (which is to graduate) with your college friends the heavy load of school will be lessened as you know that you have your support system ready to assist you and vice versa.

Together you are going to achieve your #friendshipgoals.

2.Let romantic relationships come naturally

-My Ninong (godfather) once told me that if you are not in a serious romantic relationship during your junior or senior year then you are in serious trouble. He laughed when he said this but it’s really not a big deal. If you graduate single, fine; if you graduate with a significant other, fine. Being in a romantic relationship in college is not something to get pressured about more so that it is not a race.

3.Don’t forget about family and friends back home

-We can get pretty occupied during college and I am also guilty about this but let us not forget our loved ones back home. They miss us too! So don’t forget to beep them once in a while and make time for them during school breaks.  

4.Apply the ‘golden rule’ when it comes to your ‘living’ mates

-If you are going to a university away from home, you will surely have roommates, housemates, dorm mates, whatever you call it. The bottom line is that when you are living with others, do not do things in your room or boarding house that you do not want them to do too. Like being messy and noisy? I know these living mates can really get into our nerves sometimes but we need to start to reflect that change in us, for them to realize or be influenced on what they ought to do as well.

5.Not all relationships work

-Whatever the kind of relationship we have none of it is perfect. I will always have its ups and downs. You may get hurt and disappointed but that’s the reality of it. College is not only about learning in the classroom but also about learning how to handle and juggle different relationships. Just know what’s for keeps and what’s not.

It’s a wrap for this month’s “College 101” series! Thank you so much for reading!
 I may not have covered everything but I hope that you have found some tips helpful.

College is a different journey for all of us. If you’re in college right now and you are feeling down or hopeless, know that all of us have been there at some point but we made it through and so will you. 

*all photos in this post are not mine

*As published in SunStar Davao on June 29, 2016*


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