Small changes to be the better you this 2017

IT’S official! We are back to reality in school and work.

Now that that the new year is finally sinking in and we are slowly sobering up from the holiday hangover, set our goals and to-do lists for 2017. Here are a few teeny tiny changes that you might want to consider adding to your to-do list this year.

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Eat better

Eating better doesn’t mean that one need to overhaul his/her diet right away. Start small, for example, challenge yourself together with your friends to not drink soda for a month. Once you see and feel the difference of not drinking soda you will immediately adapt to completely eliminating it from your system. Choosing to eat better, healthier foods each time can really result to big changes and concrete ones too!

Wake up a ‘lil earlier than usual

I know that I have written a few articles talking about the positive effects of waking up earlier. This is not only about officially becoming a “tita” or “tito” (lol hahaha) but there is really great things in the morning that are waiting for you. Waking up earlier conditions your mind for the day ahead plus gives you extra time to prep and even make yourself some breakfast.

Observe proper posture

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way last year since other than my poor posture, I also lacked consistency in physical exercise it resulted to back problems. So if your back is still a-okay, sit straight and observe proper posture. This will also help in waking you up at work and adds to better productivity that slouching which makes you feel lazy.

Try something new

May it be listening to new music artists, a spontaneous adventure, or even a bizarre hobby. Trying something new surely adds color to our lives. So explore and discover new things around you.

Reconnect with friends

Other than our family, our friends are also one of our treasures so reconnect with your old good friends this year. There’s email and social media as platforms to communicate with them. Don’t just reminisce old memories but go and make new ones.

Count your blessings and be thankful

With all the negativity around us, counting your blessings is truly a great way of refreshing our thoughts and remembering that we may have problems but we are still blessed and thankful. You can even have a gratitude journal or a gratitude corner in your journal/planner and re-read your entries from time to time.

As the saying goes: “From small beginnings come great things” start small and you will surely end up accomplishing something big by the end of the year. 

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